Pain relief

Headache, migraine, sciatica, neck, back and shoulder pain, TMJ, Bell’s palsy, Shingles, arthritis, sorts, work and traffic injury, carpal tunnel, trigeminal neuralgia, tennis elbow, bursitis and Heel spur.

In Chinese Medicine, pains are caused by the stagnation of energy flow. Keeping the energy (Qi) flowing smoothly is like having a healthy plumbing system in the house. Pains occur when energy flow is clogged. We can use acupuncture needles to stimulate energy flow by inserting into certain acupuncture points and we can use herbal supplements. Herbal supplements improve blood circulation, repair and nourish cells, clear congestion and stimulate nerve system. We can also use antioxidant to explain this theory. Antioxidant gets rid of free radicals, which are the toxins and waste accumulated in our bodies from outside environments and internal metabolism.